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Itemiser® DX Explosive Trace Detector

Desktop system simultaneously detects positive and negative ions using a single detector
Part Number: P0007018
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The Itemiser DX is one of the most popular trace detectors on the market and the first simultaneous dual detector to meet the current TSA certification standards. The Itemizer Explosive Trace Detection machine is the most cost effective and reliable explosive trace detection system available for use by TSA CCSP and commercial facilities. The Rapiscan (previously Morpho Detection) Itemiser DX ETD delivers fast explosives detection in a package that is ergonomic and portable. With results in as little as 8 seconds and a display that requires minimal interpretation, operators are able to concentrate on the important task of sample acquisition. Itemiser DX incorporates ITMS trace technology into a lightweight, portable desktop system that can detect residue from explosives on skin, clothing, parcels, bags, cargo, vehicles and other surfaces.

Simultaneous dual ion detection enables the Rapiscan Itemiser DX desktop to detect a broad range of explosives and narcotics that meet current world threats. Dual mode detection in a single system significantly decreases the possibility of mechanical failure associated with two detector systems. The Itemizer machine is able to maintain a stable humidity level in the detector, allowing for consistent and reliable detection results. The trace detection automatically saves test results, preventing deletions and has a robust internal solid-state hard drive for reliable data storage. The commercial version of the Itemiser DX explosive trace detection machine is a highly effective tool used in the mitigation of both explosive and narcotic interdiction. The TSA Cargo/Checkpoint versions are the latest trace-based desktop bomb detection devices to be approved as meeting the demanding detection standards currently in use by TSA. 

Benefits of the Itemiser® DX: 
  • Patented regenerative dryer eliminates the need for monthly dryer material replacements, and reduces maintenance downtime and consumables costs
  • Automated calibration with optional verification helps assure operational accuracy
  • Touch screen menus on a graphical user interface can be easy to learn and operate
  • Onboard computer automatically handles all data logging, including time, date, sample analysis, and system status
  • Lightweight (26.5 lb/12 kg) with built-in handle for easy transport
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