US Testing TSA Trace Reviews

Why choose TSA Trace for Security Checkpoint Supplies?

“Working with a company like US Testing has been a breath of fresh air especially at JFK Airport.  They are a one stop shop and all your questions and or needs are taken care of without the inconvenience of going to someone else.  We have been using their products since we began screening of cargo/passengers over 10 years ago.  In the industry they are second to none, and you can quote me on that!”

- Beau

Have been purchasing from US Testing for many years now. Always on time shipping & always correct quantity & product.


I was so worried overthinking about getting the job done right ordering the correct supplies for the duties my job requires. But then I met Ann that works for the awesome US testing . She understood exactly what I wanted and needed even better then I did and really helped me to buy the best products possible for our Screeners at WFS. 
- Franklin

My experience working with US Testing is excellent.   Everybody at Customer Service is very helpful, knowledgeable and nice.  My orders are always accurate and  on time. Their products are top quality and their prices good.  Having US Testing as our provider is having peace of mind. 

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