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Product Accessory Kit, with Lamps, Itemiser 4DX

Kit includes supplies needed for annual operation of Rapiscan Itemiser® 4DX Explosive Trace Detection machine
Part Number: K1000061
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Rapiscan OEM Itemiser 4DX Product Accessory Kit (K1000061) includes:
MP075000 - Cotton Gloves 12 ct, QTY 30
MP075002 - Chemswab, pre-saturated, 90% isopropyl alcohol 25ct, QTY 2
MP075037 - Wipes, individually wrapped, pre-saturated, 90% isopropyl alcohol 50 ct, QTY 8
PA005060 - Thermal Printer Paper, QTY 12
MP055226 - Membrane Tool, QTY 4
K1000058 - Spare Lamps 4 Qty, Itemiser 4DX

Product Accessory Kit for Itemiser 4DX includes one-year supply of cleaning supplies, printer paper, spare parts, and replacement lamps. Kit does not include dopants.

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