Explosive Trace Detection and ETD Technology

TSA Trace, a US Testing company, is a supplier of explosives, narcotics and chemical trace detectors as well as explosive trace detection swabs and consumables. With Homeland Security and the TSA pushing to improve security in public places, manufacturers are developing more efficient and effective trace detection products. Trace detector devices range from the very compact and mobile to systems the size of a minivan. They're used every day in public places and government facilities. Explosive trace detection, or ETD technology, is used to screen airport baggage and passengers. With over 2 million airline passengers taking to the skies every day, it is critical that the equipment be effective at trace detection. Trace detection equipment goes hand-in-hand with supporting consumables like cotton swabs and other products. Explosive Trace Detection Swabs are often used on shoes, cell phones, hands, bags and just about anything else where traces of chemicals can be retrieved. In a matter of seconds a sample can be taken and run through an explosive trace detection device, insuring that your customers or employees be are safe with virtually no inconvenience of due to testing. Due to the attempted attack on 12/25/2009, demand has increased for trace detectors and consumables.

According to the highly regarded GE Security White Paper entitled Ion Trap Mobility Spectrometry: The Science Behind the Technology, trace detection captures and analyzes the microscopic particles and vapors naturally emitted by organic substances. Trace samples are collected by wiping surfaces suspected of contamination using a Sample Trap as the collection medium. Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) identifies compounds based on the amount of time it takes for ionized molecules to pass thorough an electrified filed in a tube. This time, sometimes called “drift time” is then compared to a database containing the transit times of known compounds, making it possible to distinguish the target material from other molecules. The technology employed by the Morpho Itemiser DX is called Ion Trap Mobility Spectrometry and improves on the IMS technology by eliminating the shutter grid and the associated loss of ions and sensitivity allowing a much greater number of ions to enter the drift tube.

Trace Amounts Definition

Trace Detection is a TSA Approved technology designed to detect the presence of trace amounts of bomb, explosive, drug or narcotic chemical substances. The goal is to intercept, and to prevent access, by people who have handled dangerous or illegal materials.

Explosive Trace Detection Usage

Bomb Detection

Bomb detection (more commonly referred to as Explosive detection) has become a heightened concern both in the government and private sectors due to startling news reports of would-be terrorists attempting to detonate explosive devices on passenger aircraft. In response, the U.S. is enforcing new mandatory regulations regarding screening and if you are among those required to comply you will face stiff penalties for non-compliance. Trace Detection Technologies specializes in providing state-of-the-art equipment and supplies in order to comply with these regulations. We also offer training. in the use of screening equipment and TSA screening protocols. As safety regulations tighten and are updated, we are vigilant in staying current and our bomb detection equipment will help you to make sure you're always in compliance. Our handheld bomb detectors provide you with efficient, reliable technology. And, they come with a life-long guarantee giving you peace of mind when you purchase from us. Compare the price of our bomb detectors with the cost of a trainer and a dog hired for detecting bombs - that can cost upwards of $50,000 a year. Bomb detection equipment on the other hand, is a onetime cost. The savings are clear, and you have a trusted partner in regulatory compliance. Bomb detection certainly presents complexities, but we'll assist you in selecting the bomb detection devices that meet your needs so you can be sure that the inspection is complete, thorough, and adheres to compliance standards. Detecting bombs is serious business; we're serious about our technology and helping you with regulatory compliance.

Narcotic Detection

Advances in narcotics detection devices - the discovery and identification of microscopic particles and vapors emitted by explosives and narcotics - have kept pace with the increasingly complex security risks of our time. Narcotic/chemical detectors are changing the way police and other security agencies are handling detection. Improvements in technology have made it possible to detect a wide range of substances with greater accuracy, speed and reliability than ever before. These developments in narcotics detection will help keep our streets cleaner as Homeland Security looks to expand its reach and broaden its security measures. Detection equipment can find traces of invisible narcotics and explosive chemicals left behind on keys, door handles, clothes and other areas that are touched frequently. When scanning objects on scene, there's significant potential to decrease the amount of time that goes into an investigation. This decreased investigation time means you have more resources available to other cases. Law enforcement officials have successfully used narcotic detection equipment in places such as Tennessee, where it was recently deployed to collect samples from suspected meth cookhouses. In North Carolina, narcotics detection equipment was used by Sheriff's deputies to identify narcotics-tainted cash as part of a drug bust. Trace detection is now an integral component of closing security loopholes by reliably detecting objects for narcotics residue.

Trace Detector Supplies

Explosive Trace Detection Swabs

Sample Swabs, also known as Sample Traps or TSA Hand Swabs, are designed to harvest particles from a surfaces for analysis by the ETD instrument. The sample collection process entails the use of specific procedures regarding the item to be sampled with sample collection passes proceeding in a logical fashion across the item to be swabbed to insure complete sample gathering. Explosive Trace Detection swabs for the Itemiser are made of high quality teflon coated fiberglass. This material is designed for use in the ETD device which requires high temperatures to burn off trace elements for identification by the system. Trace detection is based upon the chemical analysis of explosive residues resulting from bomb building or concealment or any encounter with the components of explosives. Similarly, narcotic trace detection is predicated upon the chemical analysis of subject encounters with narcotic components.