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Walk Through Metal Detector Test kit Gun Disassembled

Part Number: SVS-038
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The kit is based on a guns disassembled walk through metal detector (WTMD) standard and uses 2 different models that simulate the frame of the weapon. This provides a safe way to train and test on the WTMD detection of a firearm that has been broken down or disassembled. Bad actors will often disassemble a gun to to try and get them past your screening checkpoint by reducing the overall amount of metal mass. This standard is a widely used standard for setting WTMD's and provides improved levels of detection for a disassembled gun.

The Disassembled Guns in this testing kit are:
1.North American Arms 22 cal pistol (Ferrous)
2.Davis Derringer (Non-Ferrous)

Note: This standard is does not provide optimum detection for knifes and edged weapons nor improvised explosive devices with low metal content.

Encapsulated North American Arms .22 cal Long Rifle handgun •
Encapsulated Davis D-32 .32 cal handgun •
Holder for the ankle position •
Form for the periodic Verification of Calibration (VOC) •
Instructions for the daily verification of the calibration •
Carrying bag

The Walk-Through Metal Detector Gun Disassembled Test Kit is specially designed to reproduce the shape, material and signal of real-world weapon targets for testing and training of magnetometer operation. The test kit provides operators test pieces for use in their X-ray and Walk-through metal detector machines to test sensitivity and functionality.

The training kits and kit components offered by US Testing are amongst the finest training simulants on the market and are intended for training purposes only. However, we cannot guarantee that neither the trainer nor the trainee will use the kits or components as designed. Accordingly, US Testing Equipment, LTD has no liability arising out of any injury to individuals or property as a result of ownership, possession or use of any product manufactured, sold, distributed or delivered by US Testing Equipment, LTD.

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