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Sample Traps (100 ct) High Performance Collection
Itemiser 4DX Sample Traps (100 ct)

Sample Traps (100 ct) High Performance Collection

High Performance Sample Traps for use with Rapiscan Itemiser® 4DX ETD machine
Part Number: M0002057
BPA No. HSTS05-15-A-OSO903
Feature: 0
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ETD Sample Swabs for Itemiser 4DX 

The High-Performance Sample Traps provide an improved collection capability and have been specially designed to work with the Itemiser 4DX Explosive Trace and Narcotic Detection machine.  Plastic clam-shell packaging allows for easy swab access. The 100-count packaging is ideal for the higher use environment.  The material used for Rapiscan Systems' (previously Morpho Detection) Sample Swabs is a high-quality Teflon® coated fiberglass optimized for use in Rapiscan trace detection equipment, including the Itemiser DX. Sample Swabs are manufactured and tested under strict laboratory and quality controls in order to ensure the proper functionality of Rapiscan (previously Morpho) trace detection equipment. 

Sample Traps are intended for up to 10 sampling events and should be discarded once this level or a qualifying event, as identified in your user manual, is reached. In order to maximize the longevity of this product, the container should be securely closed immediately after obtaining the required trap.  The Sample Swab is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) chemical collection medium which insures optimum detection for use with the Rapiscan Itemiser explosive detector.

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