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Metal Detection Training Kit

Part Number: SVS-033
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The SVS metal detection training kit is designed to not only provide you a safe way to train metal detection with real threats, but also allow you to calibrate your walk through metal detector (WTMD) to the actual threats you are trying to detect. This kit is designed to identify exactly what is being detected by your walk-through metal detector – a critical component of your security screening program.

With the Magnetometer Test kit, you can verify with real standardized test objects what your system is detecting (or not). The kit allows you to adjust the sensitivity settings to optimize detection for the threats you do not want in your building. Additionally, the Test kit comes with testing objects representing common false alarms to allow you to further discriminate and adjust your sensitivity settings. Each test object is encased in a resin shell and color coded based on if it is a threat (red) or no threat (green). The Metal Detection Training kit also includes user friendly user guide that shows you how to use the kit and adjust your unit’s settings.

The kit can also be used to conduct safe and effective training and testing with your walk-through metal detector operators and is designed to eliminates all the questions about what your metal detector can or cannot detect. Each item in the kit is manufactured to look and feel like the real threat item which ensures it will provide very realistic responses in your system.

The Metal Detection Training Kit comes with the following items:
1.Hard case
2.Operational Test Piece (OTP): Test for small handguns and large knives
3.Small can of mace/pepper spray (INERT)
4.2.5 inch low metal content pocket knife (Exceeds FED Law allowable size)
5.1.5 inch low metal content pocket knife
6.Razor blade
7.Cuff key
8.Belt buckle (false alarm test object)
9.Metal shoe shank (false alarm test object)
10.User’s manual

The training kits and kit components offered by US Testing are amongst the finest training simulants on the market and are intended for training purposes only. However, we cannot guarantee that neither the trainer nor the trainee will use the kits or components as designed. Accordingly, US Testing Equipment, LTD has no liability arising out of any injury to individuals or property as a result of ownership, possession or use of any product manufactured, sold, distributed or delivered by US Testing Equipment, LTD.

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