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Kit, 6 Month Consumables, MobileTrace Contraband

Kit provides necessary consumables for six months of operation of MobileTrace® portable explosive trace detection machine.
Part Number: K0001373-001
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The contraband consumables kit for the MobileTrace contains the products required for up to 6,000 sampling events and the ongoing use and maintenance of the instrument for up to 6 months under average use. This kit includes the following items:

1  CP001047 - Basic PDA Stylus (Tetherable)
1  CP001048 - Microfiber lens cleaning cloth 
1  MP035087 - Positive ion dopant, long life
1  M0001172 - Vapor Check Sample Vial
3  M0001965-25 - Calibration traps (Teflon), 25 ct.
4  M0001964-100 - Multi-use sample traps (Teflon), 100 ct.
1  M0001965-100 - Calibration traps, (Teflon) 100 ct.
1  M0001966-100 - Verification traps, (Teflon) 100 ct.
3  M0001966-25 - Verification traps, (Teflon) 25 ct.
1  MP005810 - Negative ion dopant *Store in Freezer*
1  MP035019 - Dryer Material (Molecular Sieve)
2  MP055226 - Non-Contaminating Membrane Tool
12 MP075000 - Cotton Gloves 12 ct.
2  MP075002 - Chemswab, pre-saturated, 90% isopropyl alcohol 25ct.
1  MP075003 - Canned Air
2  PA005007 - Membrane Kit 5 ct.

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