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Initial DX Consumables Kit

Consumables kit for initial setup and operation of Itemiser® DX Explosive Trace Detection machine
Part Number: K0001366
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Starter Consumables Kit for the Rapiscan (previously Morpho) Itemiser DX that allows the operator to initiate screening operations immediately. 

Kit includes: 
1 MP035087 Long Life positive ion dopant; 
1 MP005810 Negative ion dopant; 
1 M0001964-100 Multi-Purpose Sample Traps (Teflon) 100 ct.; 
1 M0001965-100 Multi-Purpose Calibration Traps (Teflon) 100 ct.; 
1 M0001966 Multi-Purpose Verification Traps (Teflon) 100 ct.; 
1 M0001831 Clearing Spray, Itemiser DX; 
1 MP075003 Canned Air; 
2 PA005060 Thermal Printer Paper.

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