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IED Switch Training Kit

Part Number: SVS-026
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The SVS IED switch Training kit is the best solution, and one of our most popular items, for the training and testing of Improvised Explosive Device (IED) X-ray detection. This highly customizable test kit comes with a variety of switches that can be used in an IED and allows you to train and build all of the different type of IED switches. The IED Switch training kit has 124 different components and has 490 individual parts/switches including an advanced Arduino kit along with an additional expanded 45 component sensor kit.

For X-ray security checkpoints where IED threats are present, this kit is a must-have and provides everything you need to train your staff in the detection of these dangerous explosive threats.

The IED Switch Training Kit test pieceswill appear just like the actual threats in your X-ray machines and are designed for the training and covert testing of X-Ray Scanner operators and their ability to detect possible threat items.This test kit is designed for use with all major X-ray equipment make and models and can be used in a variety of security checkpoint settings where IED threats are a concern – contact us today to learn more about designing your security screening program!

The IED Switch Training Kit contains the following Inert test pieces:

Item #Description

1x4 Toggle switch LG

2x12 Mouse trap

3x50 Cloths pin

4x2 Mech timer kitchen

5x2 Timer circuit board

6x3 Toggle switch LG

7x6 Digital Timer

8x2 Mech Timer wind up clock

9x10 Relay

10x20 SCR

11x10 Photo Cell

12x5 Vibration swicth PCB

13x20 Micro switch (20)

14x20 Toggle switch small

15x10 Mercury Switch

16x10 Ball Tilt switch

17x10 Vibration Shock sensor

18x2 Magnitic reed switch

19x10 Rocker switches

20x20 Slide switches

21x10 Button/micro switch

22x1 Super Starter Kit with CD Tutorial for Arduino UNO R3

23x1 Sensor kit (45 sensors for Arduino)

24x20 SCR

25x1 Wire

261 x Soil module

271 x Infrared sensor receiver module

281 x Laser head sensor module

291 x Temperature and humidity sensor module

301 x Infrared emission sensor module

311 x 5V relay module

321 x Gyro Module

331 x finger detect heartbeat module

341 x Microphone sensitivity sensor module

351 x Metal touch sensor module

361 x Flame sensor module

371 x 3-color LED module

381 x Hunt sensor module

391 x Linear magnetic Hall sensors

401 x Rotary encoder modules

411 x Active buzzer module

421 x Magic Light Cup modules

431 x Small passive buzzer module

441 x Digital temperature sensor module

451 x Tilt switch module

461 x Analogy Holzer magnetic sensor

471 x Ultrasonic module

481 x Mercury opening module

491 x Hall magnetic sensor module

501 x RGB LED SMD module

511 x Mini Reed module

521 x Bicolor LED common cathode module 3MM

531 x obstacle sensor infrared sensor photoelectric switch

541 x Key switch module

551 x Photoresistor module

561 x Breadboard power module

571 x hit sensor module

581 x Temperature sensor module

591 x Vibration switch module

601 x Microphone sound sensor module

611 x Large reed module

621 x Two-color LED module

631 x Optical breaking module

641 x Temperature sensor module

651 x MP1584EN buck module

661 x SD card reader module

671 xPS2 Joystick game controller module

681 x Automatically flashing LED module

691 x DS1302 clock module

701 x Water level module

715pcs White LED

725pcs Yellow LED

735pcs Blue LED

745pcs Green LED

755pcs Red LED

761pcs RGB LED

772pcs Photoresistor

781pcs Thermistor

792pcs Diode Rectifier (1N4007)

802pcs NPN Transistor (PN2222)

811pcs Tilt Switch

825pcs Button (small)

831pcs 1 digit 7-segment Display

841pcs 4 digit 7-segment Display

851pcs Sound Sensor Module

861pcs LCD1602 Module ( with pin header)

871pcs IC L293D

881pcs IC 74HC595

891pcs Active Buzzer

901pcs Passive Buzzer

911pcs DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Module

921pcs Potentiometer

931pcs Joystick Module

941pcs Membrane Switch Module

951pcs 5V Relay

961pcs IR Receiver Module

971pcs UNO R3 Controller Board

981pcs 830 Point Breadboard

991pcs Servo Motor (SG90)

1001pcs Stepper Motor

1011pcs ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Board

1021pcs Prototype Expansion

1031pcs Power Supply Module

1041pcs Ultrasonic Sensor

1051pcs 3V Servo Motor(Soldered Wire)

1061pcs Fan Blade

1071pcs Remote

1081pcs 65 Jumper Wire

1091pcs Water Lever Sensor

1101pcs USB Cable

1111pcs 9V Battery Connector with DC

11210pcs Resistor (10R)

11310pcs Resistor (100R)

11410pcs Resistor (220R)

11510pcs Resistor (330R)

11610pcs Resistor (1K)

11710pcs Resistor (2K)

11810pcs Resistor (5K1)

11910pcs Resistor (10K)

12010pcs Resistor (100K)

12110pcs Resistor (1M)

12210pcs Female-to-male Dupont Wire

1231pcs Resistance Identification Card

1241pcs CD with Totutial

The training kits and kit components offered by US Testing are amongst the finest training simulants on the market and are intended for training purposes only. However, we cannot guarantee that neither the trainer nor the trainee will use the kits or components as designed. Accordingly, US Testing Equipment, LTD has no liability arising out of any injury to individuals or property as a result of ownership, possession or use of any product manufactured, sold, distributed or delivered by US Testing Equipment, LTD.

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