The Itemiser DX is one of the leading explosive detection systems in the world and the first trace detector to simultaneously detect positive and negative ions. Many people choose the ITDX for its ease of use, reliability and portability. In this article we will cover the basics of how to use the Itemiser DX for efficient explosive trace detection.

All trace detection systems utilize chemical traces to detect explosive materials. Explosive substances are organic materials and constantly give off traces that cannot be seen by the human eye. Materials can be screened in a matter of seconds and insure that customers and employees are safe with virtually no inconvenience. Trace detection devices are used every day in public places and government facilities as well as in airports for baggage and passengers. Many organizations in the U.S. require mandatory screening for trace and explosives materials and often threaten stiff penalties for non-compliance. 

Here are 3 simple steps for using the Itemiser DX for quick and effective explosive trace detection:

1. Understand the Equipment

The main physical components of the Itemiser DX are its touch screen, printer, trap holder and desorber. Before use, the device must be stabilized and you should consult your users manual for proper set-up procedures. 

2. Operation and Setup of the Device

Calibration and verification introduces reference points to the device for substance detection and accounts for variations in temperature, pressure, and humidity. The Itemiser DX must go through calibration and verification for accurate explosive detection. 

3. Collection and Analysis of microscopic particles from the most commonly contaminated locations. 

The sample trap is used to collect traces from shoes, cell phones, hands, bags and just about anywhere else remnants of chemicals can be retrieved. It is inserted into the machine where the chemical traces are analyzed and displayed on the screen. Any alarm should be resolved in accordance with your organization’s current operating procedures.

You now have the basics for operating the Rapiscan Itemiser DX explosive trace detector. These steps are meant as a guide to understanding the equipment and should not replace training and experience. We recommend every user go through a proper training course to establish good explosive detection skills and habits. US Testing Equipment is a good source for professional techniques and training: CONTACT US TODAY!