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Dopant, Long Life Positive Ion
Itemiser Long Life Positive Ion Dopant

Dopant, Long Life Positive Ion

Positive Ion Dopant for use with Itemiser® DX/3/2, VaporTracer2® and MobileTrace® machines
Part Number: MP035087
BPA No. HSTS05-15-A-OSO903
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Rapiscan OEM Positive Dopant for Itemiser and MobileTrace

The Long Life Positive Ion Dopant is a single tube containing a patented solid ammonia capable of up to six (6) months of use in the Rapiscan Systems (previously Morpho Detection) trace detection equipment and is NOT hazardous for shipping. 

The Long Life Positive Ion Dopant is an essential component of the narcotic detecting sensor capability of the trace detection equipment. The basic Long Life Positive Ion Dopant contains three tubes that emit ammonia vapor.  A small stream of the dopant is dispensed slowly and continuously into the detection system’s sample stream, where it reacts to enhance detection of the target compound.  It is recommended that this dopant be stored in a freezer until it is ready to be used in order to preserve the intended usable life. Higher storage temperatures may decrease the usable life of this product.

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