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AVSEC/TSA Explosive Trace Detection Training/Testing Kit

Part Number: SVS-020
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The AVSEC/TSA Explosive Trace Detection Training/Testing Kit is a complete training kit that allows you to test your security staff and explosive detector machine (ETD). Each sample contains a very small amount of explosives that can trigger a trace detection system. The product is applied to any item you would normally test with an explosive trace detection system where a person would touch. The kit also allows you to test and evaluate your policy and procedures if the security staff gets an alarm.

This is the perfect options for testing and training of security staff. If screeners are taking samples correctly and testing in the areas where people touch, the unit will alarm. If no alarm is triggered when using these samples, you will know that the screeners are not sampling properly.

The sample when placed on a bag, package, etc also shows up under a black light so you can actually see where the residue is located.This allows you to train your staff to see where the residue is located and ensure they understand proper sampling techniques. Once the test is completed you can clean up the residue with the alcohol swabs and black light.

The kits comes with 4 different explosive samples, hard case, alcohol wipes, black light flashlight, and operator's manual.

The kit contains the following samples:


  • TNT
  • PETN
  • RDX
  • AN


All of the items in the kit are INERT and contain no hazardous materials and are designed for training purposes only. Non-hazardous explosives for security training and testing and no DOD license required. These training materials are utilized by U.S. and Foreign Agencies for K-9 and Explosive Detection Training. They are DOT certified, non-hazardous material, and can be shipped anywhere by any method.

This test kit is designed for use with all major Explosive Trace Detection equipment make and models and can be used in a variety of security program settings – contact us today to learn more about designing your security screening program!

The training kits and kit components offered by US Testing are amongst the finest training simulants on the market and are intended for training purposes only. However, we cannot guarantee that neither the trainer nor the trainee will use the kits or components as designed. Accordingly, US Testing Equipment, LTD has no liability arising out of any injury to individuals or property as a result of ownership, possession or use of any product manufactured, sold, distributed or delivered by US Testing Equipment, LTD.

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