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ASTM-F792-17 E1-OE X-ray Test Piece

ASTM piece for airport X-ray images tests of cabinet X-ray systems
Part Number: UST-0005
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ASTM-F792 X-ray Test Object

Step Wedge for Image Quality Evaluation of X-ray System

The ASTM-F792 E1-OE X-ray test kit is designed for objective evaluation and scoring of the technical capability of the system. This part considers only the methods for objective evaluation of the technical capabilities of a system and therefore requires use of the ASTM X-ray test object (Part No. USTE-0002). The practice of utilizing the OE Test Piece applies to and establishes methods to measure the imaging performance of X-ray systems used for security screening and to determine whether a system meets the manufacturer’s specification or if the system’s performance has changed over time, or both.

Part OE was developed to objectively assess an X-ray-based screening system’s image quality using six independent metrics. The OE test object consists of test pieces mounted to a polycarbonate base. The test pieces and mounting board are fragile, so they should be contained and scanned within a protective case.

X-ray step wedges are intended to test object and standard methods for determining the performance levels of security X-ray systems. This practice applies to and establishes methods to measure the imaging performance of X-ray systems used for security screening. Such systems are typically used to screen for prohibited items such as weapons, explosives, and explosive devices in baggage, packages, cargo, or mail. 

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